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Below is a selection of my writing:

Science Writer at Earth Touch News (2016-Present). Selected pieces listed here:
9/1/2017 - The riddle of the upside-down dinosaurs
7/20/2017 - Elephantine undertaking: Digging up a giant mastodon
2/27/2017 - Screech owls keep blind snakes as live-in housekeepers!
11/1/2016 - The nasty eating habits of prehistory's meanest fish
9/1/2016 - Can the great auk return from extinction?
8/9/2016 - The ancient marine reptile that turned into a reef
The full list of my articles can be found on my Contributor Page.

The Atlantic
11/7/2016 - The Advantages of T. rex's Awkward Teen Years
2/2/2016 - The Many Mysteries of Uranus.

Earth Magazine 
5/23/17 - Horned dinosaur find a first for eastern North America

The Scientist
9/8/2017 - Mongolian Dinosaurs and the Poaching Problem

PLOS Paleo Community Blog (Guest)
6/5/2017 - Diandongosuchus: the Strange-Faced Transitional Phytosaur
1/23/2017 - Meet Garganornis: The Giant, Flightless, Weapon-Winged Goose From Ancient Italy.
11/15/2016 - Did A Strong Tail Give Early Land-Invaders A Leg Up?

I also co-host the Common Descent Podcast! We release episodes fortnightly and release blog posts for each episode. We're also on TwitterFacebook,and Patreon!

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